Managed WiFi that feels like Home WiFi

Not all residents have the same internet needs. Some residents may work from home, others may be obsessive gamers, and others may only want to stream at night. The problem is that most Community WiFi treats multifamily like a hotel, not like a home. Fiberwave engineers and deploys your networks to ensure your residents get the individual online experience they desire.

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Your internet service should generate substantial revenue

If you are not using Fiberwave Managed WiFi, then you are missing out on a substantial revenue opportunity. Allowing multiple-choice internet providers into your community may result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Your property is your asset, and you should keep the internet revenue.

2Gbps Fiber Internet In The Unit

Many internet providers claim to provide 1G service, but most fall short. At Fiberwave, we have been deliving 1Gbps speeds for years, its time to move on.

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Customer support should be personal, easy, and rare

Providing good resident support starts with a properly designed and well managed WiFi network. When outages and issues do arise, your residents need to get answers quickly and easily. Fiberwave operates its own US based - 24/7 call center that provides fast responses and resolutions for your residents.

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Fiberwave Resident Portal - Onboarding, control, and support

Fiberwave’s Resident Portal allows your residents to experience a simple onboarding process that provides instant-on access to their internet. Our portal also allows the residents to control their passwords, set parental controls and it’s the fastest way for them to access our 24/7 support team.

Community WiFi vs Choice vs Fiberwave Managed WiFi

Education is important. Fiberwave wants to be your partner in designing the right solution for your properties.

Community WiFi

Community WiFi goes by a lot of different names. Campus, Ubiquitous, and Mesh to name a few. The simplest way to understand this type of network is to think hotel. Community WiFi is provided across the property through strategically placed access points. The typical downsides to this hotel style system are that you will not get 1G speeds through access points, printers have difficulty connecting, and gamers do not have a stable hardline connection.


Choice is when many different internet providers are brought into the same building and each resident chooses which provider they want to use. The downsides are that there is little revenue to share with the property, and it may take residents days to get their internet service activated.

Fiberwave Managed WiFi

Fiberwave Managed WiFi combines the best of both options. Our hybrid solution provides WiFi access across your community and common areas while at the same time providing the residents with an instant-on solution in each unit that feels like it is their personal home. All this, plus True 1Gbps internet delivered to each unit.

Getting started with Fiberwave Managed WiFi

Whether your community is new construction, retrofit, or a takeover of existing service, Fiberwave can help. Tell us about your property and we’ll provide a solution specific to your needs.